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Leaf products are 100% natural, developed with Full Spectrum extract of sun-grown Cannabis plants. All products contain Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate (GMP) and Certificate of Analysis (CoA) issued in the United States.


GMP certificate

Grown in Sunlight

Entourage effect


Lab tested

Who we are

Leaf Medical Care was born with the purpose of facilitating access to medicinal Cannabis in Brazil. We offer affordable and high-quality options, in addition to promoting knowledge and education, aiming to contribute to the expansion of the use of Cannabis as a safe and effective therapeutic alternative.

We believe in the power of nature, individual freedom and the benefits of a more organic and sustainable lifestyle. Leaf - For a greener life.

What we do

Develop exclusive products through partnerships with North American and European companies.

Facilitate access to CBD products.

Offer affordable, high-quality options.

Provide scientific information related to Cannabis and its derivatives.


to high quality products


doctors and patients


through scientific research

Health and Wellness

A greener life begins with healthy habits, goes through contact with nature and comes to trust in the power of natural resources. It was following this path that Leaf Medical Care has developed its line of Full Spectrum CBD products.

Medicinal Cannabis has been contributing with the improvement in the quality of life of millions of people around the world, considered a natural, safe and effective alternative for the treatment of various health conditions. Before starting treatment, consult your doctor.

Fully Assisted Importation

We help you throughout the whole process of obtaining an import authorization from ANVISA, until the product is received at your residence. All so you have access to a certified, preservative-free and 100% natural cannabis product.

Do you have any questions about how to import Cannabis Products? We can help you.


Leaf products are sold in accordance with the RDC 660 ANVISA, which defines the criteria and procedures for the importation of Cannabis Products in Brazil by individuals, upon prescription of a legally qualified professional.

Step 1


To obtain Cannabis Products in Brazil, you first need a prescription.

The prescription must contain: Product name, concentration and quantity.

If you need help finding a specialist in your region, please contact us through our service channels.

Step 2


With the prescription in hand, you must request an import authorization issued by ANVISA.

This procedure can be done by the applicant on the ANVISA website by clicking here: Request authorization

For your convenience, we offer this service 100% free of charge! Contact us to learn more.

Step 3


With a prescription and import authorization, you can complete your purchases through our website quickly and safely.